Additional Information


All our meals at Over The Rainbow Nursery are home cooked on site from fresh produce by our own cook, Vera Edelston. Vera is fully qualified in all aspects of food hygiene and ensures the highest of standards in her kitchen. Health and safety are very important and we are proud of the fact that our health and safety rating has consistently been level 5.

We aim to pack all of our meals and snacks with fresh fruit and vegetables and provide a varied set of menus which rotate on a 4 week basis.

We cater for all dietary and health needs for each child individually and will always accommodate specific requests where possible.

Our mealtimes are sociable and interactive times where the children can learn to serve and feed themselves, share and help other children, learn about healthy eating and most importantly enjoy their food.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is actively encouraged at Over the Rainbow and children explore the outside environment daily. At the front of the nursery, we have a small but very welcoming private garden where the children in the baby room can play, exercise and explore the outdoor environment. Our front garden space is practical to suit the needs of babies and is well maintained. Our baby room children also have access to a larger back garden.

At the rear of the nursery, we have a purpose built private garden area which is accessible for all children at the setting. There are specifically designated areas for imaginative play, encouraging physical development and for developing children’s knowledge of the outside world.  We have role play areas which are frequently altered according to children’s developmental needs and interests, we have a large climbing frame and physical activities for the children to explore as well as growing/digging stations.

During their time outside, children engage in a variety of activities, both planned and as part of the continuous provision that we offer. Activities include sand and water play, mark making and painting, planting and exploring and using bikes and trikes.  Outdoor play is encouraged in all weather conditions. If the weather is nice, hats are worn and sun cream is applied and we take our activities outside to make the most of the sunshine. Even on rainy days, we have all weather outdoor clothing available so that children can still explore the outdoor areas despite the weather conditions.